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Digital Pedagogy

Leverage contemporary learning approaches:

  • Instructional design - including scaffolding and approaches to maximise learning

  • Curriculum and assessment development

  • eLearning project leadership and management

eLearning Resources

Create resources to achieve your learning goals :

  • Engaging learning activities

  • eBooks

  • Learning games and simulations

  • Augmented and virtual reality resources

Black Puzzle Pieces

Microlearning Approaches

Train for just what you need with:

  • Just in time, bite-sized learning

  • Leveraging Open Education Resources   

  • Learning Management Systems or hosting options

  • Digital badges and micro credentialing

Introductory Consultation

Expert Guidance

Looking to develop elearning for your business but not sure where to turn? Need help planning or executing your next elearning project? Let us guide you. Designing effective and affordable elearning experiences in today’s rapidly evolving environment, means harnessing the opportunities that technology affords and making decisions around what best suits your specific needs.

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